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About me:

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I have cats who I believe are plotting to take over the world. Or to take a nap. It’s kind of hard to tell.

I read fanatically. I finish one book, take a breath, then immediately pick up another one. 

I also really like to watch TV. 

I am a mom to two kids for whom I would do anything . . . except clean their rooms. They have to do that themselves.

I’ve been married to the same guy for almost 20 years. I like words, he likes numbers. It’s all good. 

I grew up in Seattle, WA. Now I live in a city about 90 miles north, but I still say I’m from Seattle if anyone asks. (I should probably stop doing that!)

I used to teach elementary school. I love my former students. (If you are a former student… Hiiiiiiiii! I miss you.)

I drink a lot of coffee. 

I like to swim, paddleboard, go for walks . . . basically I love to be outside. 

And I love to write and talk about writing with other writers. 

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