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Reset Your Writing Life 

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You will leave this workshop with a plan for the next 60 days, as well as a fresh perspective and a toolkit of strategies to use for years to come!

You've been waiting for inspiration, for the right time. Here it is!

The Writing Life Reset is a 3-day FREE online program to get you started writing right now! With proven strategies, tips and a whole lot of not taking ourselves too seriously, we will take a look at your daily schedule, your writing goals, and your intentions, mix them all together, and leave you with a mighty plan for getting your writing projects started and DONE in the months to come. 

This workshop is for you if: 

  • you’ve had an idea for a writing project for a long time, but never quite gotten started,
  • you start and stop writing without giving yourself time to develop the habit,
  • you wish you were more motivated to write,
  • you feel like you don’t have the time in your daily life to write,
  • you have doubts about whether you should even bother.

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Reset Your Writing Life includes:

  • Welcome and introduction delivered immediately
  • 3 days of instructional videos (approximately 20 minutes each)
  • Daily challenges
  • The opportunity to share and connect with other “Reset”-ers in the Hello, Writers community!

It's time.

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