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The Writer’s Table is where writing gets DONE

Join us.

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    monthly feedback (from me) on writing you submit

    weekly group coaching (in which you can participate or observe)

    weekly personalized accountability check-ins

    weekly instructional videos/materials

    daily discussion topics and conversation

    recommended resources

    private message board community


    your first month includes a one-on-one coaching call


    you get a beautiful 60-day writing planner!

    All of this for only $34.99/month. 

    Let’s do this.

    Scroll down for frequently-asked questions.

    Please enter your email for an invitation to join this unique program.

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      How long does it last?

      The Writer’s Table is an ongoing, month-to-month membership program. You are able to unsubscribe from it at any time. 

      What is “coaching”?  What will it do for me as a writer?

      Coaching is a chance for you to talk through your thoughts, your craft, and/or your writing practice as it pertains to the project you are currently working on (or planning to start). It is a one-on-one conversation with me to work through blocks and obstacles of any kind, and give you tangible, practical next steps to follow before your next coaching session. Group coaching simply allows other members of The Writer’s Table to listen in and learn from what we talk about, with each person taking a turn in the “hot seat”. This is beneficial because many of us grapple with the same or similar issues around writing.

      Can I get a refund if I don’t want to continue?

      Since it is a month-to-month program, there are no refunds available. However, once you leave the program, monthly charges will cease as per the Mighty Networks platform.

      Technology and online programs can be overwhelming for me. Will I be able to navigate this?

      Yes. The message board community on Mighty Networks operates very much like a Facebook group without all of the added distractions and noise. Our online calls will be through Zoom, a video conferencing platform that is accessible by simply clicking a link that I will provide to you. I will also use email to support all of these features, and I’m here to help if anything is confusing!

      I find online programs impersonal and prefer to do these things in person. Is this going to work for me? 

      I completely understand this concern, but YES, I think you will be surprised at how individualized and personally connected The Writer’s Table is. I intentionally keep the enrollment low so that I can connect with each member. Our coaching calls will be face-to-face using Zoom, and you and I will connect via email as I provide you feedback on your writing. I think you’ll love it! 

      Any other questions? Please email me!

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